About Us

About Us

Welcome to Property Hive Stays Management

Property Hive Stays Management is a highly motivated, driven, and skilled Company with a passion for real estate management. We have a proven track record of success in managing both residential and commercial properties, and possess excellent communication, organizational, and leadership skills.

We are knowledgeable about the real estate market in New Jersey and have experience managing properties in Other States. We are also excited about the opportunity to expand Our skills and knowledge as the company expands to all 50 states.

The ideal candidate is customer-service oriented, with a dedication to providing an exceptional experience for both property owners and tenants. They are detail-oriented and possess a strong work ethic, able to manage multiple properties and tasks simultaneously while maintaining high standards of quality and professionalism.

Above all, Our Company is committed to the values and mission of Property Hive Stays Management: providing reliable, efficient, and transparent property management services that exceed the expectations of property owners and tenants alike. We are excited about the opportunity to contribute to a growing and dynamic company that values innovation, collaboration, and excellence in all aspects of its operations.


Sarah Johnson Property Owner

"Property Hive Stays Management has been an invaluable partner in managing my rental properties. Their attention to detail, prompt communication, and efficient maintenance services have made property ownership a stress-free experience. I highly recommend their services."

Mark Thompson Real Estate Investor

"As a real estate investor, I rely on Property Hive Stays Management to handle my portfolio of properties. Their expertise in marketing, tenant screening, and rent collection has greatly improved my returns. Their professionalism and dedication to excellence are unmatched."

Amanda Rodriguez Short-Term Rental Host

"Property Hive Stays Management has been instrumental in the success of my short-term rental business. Their marketing strategies, seamless guest communication, and attention to detail have consistently delivered excellent occupancy rates and guest satisfaction. I couldn't be happier with their services."

David Collins Commercial Property Owner

"I entrust Property Hive Stays Management with the management of my commercial properties. Their expertise in lease management, maintenance coordination, and financial reporting has ensured smooth operations and tenant satisfaction. Their commitment to excellence sets them apart from the rest."

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